20th Day Sept 2 Maple Bay

from Ladysmith harbor we squeezed out from behind a 75 ft motor yacht that looked like a three story building to our studio size Kestrel, the smaller of the hawk family. Heading 117M departure music was “it’s Howdy Doody Time” in honor of the Nordhaven motor yacht named Kawabunga. We used the YouTube of the original show with the kids singing and its a hoot and uplifting. Google Kawabunga for the genesis. On the way I used my air horn for an approaching power boat cruiser and he turned as did I. High probability the boat was on auto pilot and the Captain not on watch until the horn. Always a worry. At the pulp mill at Crofton I saw the familiar freighter Star Hidra loading pulp. A sailboat race with colorful spinnakers greeted us on arrival Maple Bay. Dock hand assisted our tie up.

Lunched at the Shipyard pub with delicious crab cakes and chowder and oh the craft taps.

Kestrel out

Author: S/V Kestrel

Retired maritime executive and cargo surveyor.

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