Kestrel our Dana 24

quarters on board, galley, nav, head, cockpit and vessel. Kestrel is roomy for 24 ft with 6’1″ of headroom. She can go anywhere the question always is “do you want to go with her.” We we’re thankful for hefty keel and clean entry of her displacement hull particularly under sail.

The head and V berth seemed a bit cramped but a small price to pay for the overall. Easily cleaned following the voyage as you see from the pictures. Quite often strangers would come up to us during shoreside visits and ask if she is a Dana 24 or it’s maker Pacific Seacraft. That made us feel good to know the boat was well thought of. Because I wanted a boat that Ann and I could handle in various sea states and care for we went with the smaller Dana 24 boat without risking quality. Getting older doesn’t mean getting a bigger boat. She took us out on a 28 day adventure we will long remember and back again to Homeport.

Memorable too the people who helped with our itinerary both before and along the way. Like much in life the beauty of it all was enhanced and made alive by the people we met and who helped us navigate the seas. Thanks to all of you along the way. God Bless.

Gary, Ann Marie and Ensign Wilson

Author: S/V Kestrel

Retired maritime executive and cargo surveyor.

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