V-02 Nanaimo – Island Thoughts

From Montague we motored north to Nanaimo on the coast of the big Island departure music was John Williams “Jurassic Park”. Nanaimo is a hub for a working waterfront. Looks a lot like Longview with logs and chip piles, tug and barge ops. What is different is the large ferry boat terminals and constant sea planes landing and taking off. The many marinas and boats of all types reflect high degree of activity. Dodging all of this while underway has my attention in and out of these active ports.

The scene reflects the island life with the transportation needs to drive the economy movement of goods and people. I was reminded of my working time in Japan a mega example of an island nation. Off Nanaimo Ann and I hoisted sail and set out into the Straits of Georgia for a day of sailing with 15 knot winds. This is for me the joy of feeling 8000 pounds of sailboat moving easily through light chop at 6 knots about 7 mph. The afternoon weather was nice with winds out of the north.

Nanaimo was the furthest North we traveled and headed back through the Dodd Narrows at slack with a 16 boat flotilla all heading south. All went well. Departure music was Bernstein’s “Candide Overture.” We headed for Telegraph Harbor. We continue to learn And feel more comfortable on the water. Safety still remains the primary focus amidst all the shoals, currents and at times heavy traffic. The main beef for sailors is always the big cruiser power boat wakes they leave while seeing how close they can come by. It is grin and bear it! So still on our way. I leave you with a quote from Tommy Transits book Bus Tales, the chapter “no one forgets how you make them feel. From Hada Bejar, “The fragrance of the rose lingers on the hand of the giver.” I invite you to give someone a rose and tested it out or just a smile.

Safe travels friends

Gary, Ann and Ensign Wilson

Author: S/V Kestrel

Retired maritime executive and cargo surveyor.

3 thoughts on “V-02 Nanaimo – Island Thoughts”

  1. I visited a friend who lives on Gabriola Island several years ago. Beautiful up there.
    Have you seen any Orca pods, by chance?
    Enjoying your missives and photos.


    1. We haven’t seen orcas but did see dolphins. Yes beautiful there and passed by Gabriola Island. Now in Friday Harbor and generally heading back to Olympia ETA next weekend.
      Fair winds.


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