Under sail,

In our departure from Poets Cove the music was the Navy Hymn “Eternal Father” in memory of the sailors lost aboard the John McCain off Singapore.

We sailed a couple of days and hoisted the staysail once and practiced off the Pender Islands in our way to Winter Cove on Saturna Island. Kestrel did well in15 knot winds with main and genoa. She continues to impress us. I’m still in the learning curve when two head sails are flying. Winter Cove was the idyllic anchorage one reads about in the Gulf Islands. Unlike The previous anchor night the Cove was peaceful. On shore there we hiked to Boat Pass with views of the Straits of Georgia.

We departed the Cove to Vivaldi’s “Winter” from his Four Seasons heading for Ganges on Salt Spring Island. Ann is taking the helm more now under sail. We rely a lot on our Raymarine tiller autopilot both with sail and motor. Chow and wines have been enjoyed. Kestrel out

Author: S/V Kestrel

Retired maritime executive and cargo surveyor.

2 thoughts on “Under sail,”

  1. Ganges is a great stop– big marina with a good pub for food and drink.
    How was Bedwell Harbour?
    Sounds like a great voyage!
    Greetings to Ann, manning the tiller like a pro.


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