Ganges and Montague Harbors

from Winter Cove we motored to Ganges on Salt Spring Island well known for its expansive Saturday Market. Boaters plan their routes to make the market. We missed it. Stayed two nights, showered, went to Thriftys for food, did laundry, and took on water. MOBYs pub at the head of the Dock was excellent for food and craft taps. Canadians like their brews. Beautiful resident whir swans and their brood begged food around the harbor. We meet a lot of sailing folks like ourselves and their dogs. Met a nice couple from Bainbridge Island and invited on board their motor vessel Greywolf. It is encounters like this help us too with info and good gouge about sailing and places to visit. Thanks Jean and Doug. We departed for Montague Harbor two hours to our North on Galiano Island. Wind was blowing to 18kts on our nose with some choppy waters so passed on tying up to the pump out station which was on open water and congested and regrets no departure music. Montague was welcoming and calm and we tied up to a mooring buoy, one of 35 and its best to get there by 1400 to get a buoy. $14 Canadian as it is a Provincial Marine Park. Their Marine parks also provide excellent camping facilities, heads and sites. I’m afraid they have us beat in that department. We rowed the dinghy ashore and went to the local store and pub for of course a tap beer.

Kestrel out

Kestrel out

Author: S/V Kestrel

Retired maritime executive and cargo surveyor.

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