a word about navigation or nav. In addition to the awesome GPS Garmin chart plotter on board and radar we carry a lot of paper charts, tide and current books. Thanks to SV Ubiquity captain Brian Stipak and Leslie for the invaluable current Atlas for the Straits.

additionally Waggoners Cruising Guide a must have for the Puget Sound and Canadian waters. I carry my parallel ruler and dividers as well. Honestly I enjoy along with Ensign Wilson plotting my course the old fashioned way and correcting based on visual sights which are everywhere in the Islands but primarily buoy and channel markers.

The evidence of reefs, rocks as well as shoals is everywhere and undivided attention to the nav is paramount for the safety of the vessel and crew. The picture shows Wilson and I plotting our course from Montague to Ladysmith on Vancouver Island. This will mark our furthest latitude north from home.

My son was the navigation officer on board the Princeton, a Navy guided missile cruiser. I’d like to think nav runs in the family.

Kestrel out

Author: S/V Kestrel

Retired maritime executive and cargo surveyor.

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