Voy 02 Gig Harbor

Let go lines at Olympia at 0900 for Gig Harbor 28 nm north via infamous currents at Tacoma Narrows which passed at 1251 hrs. The first bridge across the Narrows known as “galloping Gertie” collapsed in a storm in 1940. You can YouTube it! Due to ebb currents at the bridge our normal 5.5 kt speed was increased to 9.25. Gig Harbor was named by LT Wilkes who arrived in 1841 in a gig, a type of boat. Hot today in the 90s! Motored this leg due to light wind out of the north. Tied up at Arabella’s landing after negotiating a low tide entrance to the harbor, kayaks, paddle boards and Sunday traffic in the harbor. The entrance is extremely narrow and kept my watchful eye on the depth gauge. The new AIS worked! Crew all good though Ensign Wilson was a little nervous during his watch. Extra ration for Wilson. We are off to the famous Tides Tavern at the harbor entrance for requisite draft for the adult crew.


Gary, Ann and Ensign Wilson.

Author: S/V Kestrel

Retired maritime executive and cargo surveyor.

2 thoughts on “Voy 02 Gig Harbor”

  1. Hi Mates! Glad to hear you made it through the narrows. Born and raised in Port Orchard, I heard the Galloping Gertie stories often. The Tides is a good choice for food and libations. Tomorrow you will come close to the Stixrud property in Clam Cove as you head up Dalco Passage. Unfortunately, no one is there. I hope to be there when you sail through on your return. The buoy has eel grass on it but in working order. Safe travels! Janice and Joel

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