Leaving Canadian Waters

After Telegraph we had a return overnight in Montague Harbor watching float planes come and go in the harbor. A short stop there we set off for the US to clear customs at Roche Harbor. Ann chose Holst’s St Paul’s Suite a work we’ve played with the Symphony. I set course through Navy Channel with 10-15 knot south wind on the nose and 2-3 foot seas. While the plan was to make Roche our departure time was delayed causing us to miss the ebb tide. Between that and the lumpy sea we put into Port Browning on North Pender Island for an overnight and better start the next day. We called in on VHF for a slip and lucky to get one in this small marina. Walked to the local market and picked up groceries and beer. Check out the hitch hike sign. We get alot of exercise walking for food, beer and wine carrying back pack and carry bags. Sometimes we pack ice a fair distance. We only have an ice box on board. Winds continued but abated in the night and we let go lines earl the next day for Roche. Departure music was Vaughn Williams “English Folk Suite”. Proper for leaving the Commonwealth where we enjoyed every day of our Carpe Diem philosophy.

Author: S/V Kestrel

Retired maritime executive and cargo surveyor.

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