V-02 UFO Sighting

Thursday evening 9 August at 2130 hours while at Arabella’s Marina in Gig Harbor both Ann and I did see unidentified flying objects inbound from the southeast about 125M. I saw one incoming bright fiery orange orb without defined circumference or navigation lights like the sun in a smoky sky (sunset was at 2030 one hour before). It appeared to be larger than a helicopter and at the flight level of a helicopter. There was no sound from the aircraft in fact no sound from anywhere. Before getting to a position overhead it turned south to about 175M heading proceeding to climb at an incredibly fast rate of speed compared to its lower level steady slow approach. It’s color and size dissipated to a starlike projection and disappeared into outer space. Gone in a nano second. Then another with the same physical and flight characteristics with no sound and followed by four more orbs all evenly spaced in formation about one minute a part from each other. All 6 orbs the same size and fiery color flew toward us and departed in the same direction from southeast to south on a diagonal departure vector accelerating and climbing rapidly out of sight in seconds.

I Called 911 at 2139 hours and reported my sighting of these 6 flying objects. Having been a Navy pilot and familiar with aircraft and through my current work at the Palm Springs Air Museum I felt that these flying objects were outside of any experience I have ever witnessed in aviation. I did not have my IPhone.

In looking at my charts the incoming direction was from Tacoma and the outgoing toward the Narrows Bridge.

In checking the internet I did find a nearly exact sighting of the same orb description and number in 2017. Uncanny!

So what do you think? I thought about contacting McChord airbase. Possibly the Seattle Times. I guess in moments like this experience I question the reality of my sighting and whether it is or isn’t and I should just pass on it. Or do I not believe in UFO possibility. Are we alone? I’ll keep you posted of any findings.

Ann and I depart for Olympia today with the tide and can say at this time we had a wonderful voyage. Our departure music today will be music from ET!!!

Fair winds to all!

Gary, Ann and Ensign Wilson

On board our sailboat Dana 24 “Kestrel”

Gig Harbor, WA. 10 August 2018

Quiet water motoring just north of Gig Harbor.

Author: S/V Kestrel

Retired maritime executive and cargo surveyor.

2 thoughts on “V-02 UFO Sighting”

  1. That is an amazing sighting.
    Who knows. Have to check the news.
    Welcome home soon.
    We will be in Kelso starting 15 th for about a week.
    Need to catch up


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