Voyage 3 Port Townsend

July 28, 2019

Motor/Sailed from Olympia a week ago putting into Gig Harbor, Eagle Harbor, Poulsbo and Ludlow. At 5.5 knots long distances are not within reach. So here we are in Port Townsend, Ann and I and Ensign Wilson preparing to cross the Straits of San Juan de Fuca for Friday Harbor. Tomorrow Monday 29th we have a weather window for early morning. So Voyage 3 really begins from here for our third season which will include a stop or two in Canada.

Dorian Brebeck, Ann’s son-in-law, crewed for me only the first week and Ann joined here in Port Townsend.

My grandfather, born in SF in 1895, wow that’s a long time ago, said that “once there were wooden ships and iron men and today iron ships and wooden men”. Port Townsend, a wooden boat Mecca, defies that statement. Walking around the working waterfront we saw wooden hulls in good repair and many under repair. It takes a lot of experience and strength to work in these yards.

In the shipyard under heavy repair is the boat Western Flyer which John Steinbeck went on with his wife Carol and biologist Doc Ricketts sailing from Monterey to the Sea of Cortez in 1940. It is a public funded effort. See pic below.

Our Departure music to date:

Fanfare for the Common Man by Copland in memory of my Brother Don.

Music from Apollo 13 movie in honor of our astronauts’ missions and the landing on the moon. I was in the Navy on that historic day when Neil Armstrong took the first step on the moon and as reported by Walter Cronkite echoing Neil’s first words.

Buckaroo Holiday by Copland

Me and Bobby McGee by Janis Joplin in support of Raeanne Phillips whose home burned down.

Wish you were here by the band Pink Floyd.

Kestrel out.

Gary Lindstrom

Skipper SV Kestrel, Dana 24 hull 345, Olympia WA

Author: S/V Kestrel

Retired maritime executive and cargo surveyor.

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