Fog in the Straits

From Port Townsend

Departed 0820 with the last of the ebb tide and encountered heavy fog in the Straits. Relied on AIS and chartplotter and a number of VHF radio exchanges re position and headings with other boats. A little daunting at first but after awhile realized how well the electronics and my voyage planning was going. The incoming flood tide pushed us North and through Cattle Pass where we encountered strong rip tides. Kestrel did very well. At times we got up to 8 knots. Decided to bypass Friday Harbor and went to Deer Harbor. Total time about 6 hours all on power. Ann did well as did Wilson. Kestrel Log Book

You can see the difference fog vs sunny skies.

Ann and I enjoyed the rest of the voyage into the San Juan’s and arrival Deer Harbor where we explored local walking paths and enjoyed the company of fellow boaters. Our departure music from Port Townsend was strangely Norwegian Wood aka “this bird has flown”. Does any one understand the story behind the lyrics? I’ll have to check it out on google. I don’t recall Google growing up. Mom bought about 100 pounds of encyclopedia Britannica when I was in middle school. Long since deep sixed.

We are off to Sucia Island the farthest north of the San Juan’s to anchor and explore hopefully no fog or gales. All for now.

Kestrel Out

Gary, Ann and Ensign Wilson

SV Kestrel

In the San Juans July 31

Author: S/V Kestrel

Retired maritime executive and cargo surveyor.

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